Free Printable! “You’re, like, REALLY PRETTY”

How often do you compliment yourself?  Not enough, lady!  We should all take a moment everyday to tell ourselves how awesome we are.  So I created a whimsical little printable to remind you that you’re fabulous, dah-ling!  Simply click the image below to download.  If you like this download, please

DIY Nursery/Kids Room Wall Letters – Easy and Cheap!

I love this room so much.  It is light, bright, cheery and sweet–just like my sweet Winter Grace.  The amazing part is that it is completely DIY and the result turned out looking like it cost more than it did.  Here are the supplies you need: foam board (amount depends

Step Up Your Selfie Game With These 10 Tips

I have a love-hate relationship with selfies.  Sometimes I feel so feline foxy that I want to memorialize it by snapping a pic.  A sucky selfie can totally deflate my mojo.  On the other hand, a good selfie can pump up your self-esteem if you’re feeling low.  Filters are amazing,

DIY Dermalplaning – $200.00 skincare treatment for under $7.00!

Have you heard of dermalplaning?  A quick google search reveals that it’s a swanky skin care treatment that involves removing the peach fuzz from your face along with about twenty layers of dead skin to reveal a fresh and smooth complexion.  The dermalplaned skin is super smooth, and makes your

Kitchen Trends I Love Right Now

1.  Open Shelving. If you have a small kitchen, open shelving has the dual function of maximizing visual space, while allowing you to display your nicest wares as a decorative piece.  Whether rustic or modern, this is a beautiful trend that is here to stay. My heart just skipped a